078 Angeles Verdes (Roadside Assistance)

How can Angeles Verdes Assist me?

Angeles Verdes provide support to travelers that transit through the country's highways from 08:00 to 18:00 hours, 365 days a year; dial 078 and you will be assisted. They offer the following services:

  •   Information and guidance about destinations, tourist attractions and state and regional services.
  •   Mechanical assistance and emergency radio communication.
  •   Assistance in case of accidents.
  •   Assistance to the public in case of disasters.

Before hitting the road, Angeles Verdes recommends:

  •   Check the condition of your vehicle's brakes, clutch, tires, and suspension.
  •   Verify that you have a spare tire, jack, and tools.
  •   Check the oil level in the engine and gearbox.
  •   Check the electrical and cooling system of the vehicle.

When driving on the road, Angeles Verdes suggest you to:

  •   Drive cautiously, respect road signs, and avoid passing speed limits.
  •   Do not drive if you are tired.
  •   Do not drive if you ingested any alcoholic beverages.
  •   Use the seat belt.
  •   Do not overtake cars using right-hand shoulders (emergency stopping lanes).
  •   Do not throw trash or other objects on the road.
  •   Travel during daytime.