Report Theft or Other Issues

If you have been a victim of a crime, it is very important that you report it to the authorities. If you make the corresponding complaint, it increases the probability of apprehending the perpetrator of the crime, to prosecute him/her means preventing him from re-committing harm to you or someone else.

The complaint of a robbery, assault, and attempt of murder or any attack on physical integrity can be done in the nearest agency where the offense was committed:

    The process is completely free

    Filing a complaint is free and does not demands any formality from the citizen, this can be done verbally or in writing. You must include the greater number of elements possible to help with the investigation: the date, time, place, and circumstances in which the offense has been committed, the identification of the suspect(s) (if known) and the indication of witnesses and other evidence.

    It is the obligation of the Public Ministry Agent to hear the complaint, regardless of any identification and/or proof of residency on behalf of the claimant.

    Once the complaint is presented, you must receive a free copy of your report or a certified copy by paying the corresponding fee.

    You can also complete the complaint via the internet at Denuncia en Linea Cancún website (Cancún only), or at the Federal Prosecutors office website, after that, you must ratify your expressed report in person within the following 48 hours.