Guest Assist Terms of Service

Quintana Roo is Mexico’s main tourist spot visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore, the State Government along with the Secretaria de Turismo del Estado de Quintana Roo (SEDETUR for short), looks to further enhance the tools available to assist those in emergency situations. The latest step in this process is the implementation of an online platform available for web browsers and a mobile app named “Guest Assist”.

Guest Assist is a digital platform designed for on the go info and guidance to tourists, particularly those who find themselves in situations that endanger their physical integrity or belongings. Users will have access to a whole directory which will redirect them to the corresponding governmental and/or private institutions which will know how to handle each given case.

Acceptance of terms

The use of Guest Assist’s website or mobile app or any of its components implies full acceptance of the Terms of Use hereby described as well as its privacy policy.

SEDETUR, recognizes 2 types of users for its website and mobile app:

1) The registered user, those who download and install the mobile app through the Google Play or App Store.

2) The general user, those who visit the website from a desktop PC or mobile device.

The content of the website as well as the mobile app can be revised or modified at any given time without previous notice.

Users must agree not to use devices, software, and/or any other method to interfere with any of the information held within the site and app’s databases.

Users must understand that any security breach to the computer systems and/or networks is prohibited and can run afoul the law generating civil or criminal liability.


SEDETUR, is only responsible of safeguarding any information obtained during the registration process after downloading and installing the Google Play or App Store version of the App according to the Guest Assist’s Privacy Policy.

Intelectual Property (Registration pending)

Any programs, databases, and files which make this service possible to registered and general users are property of the SEDETUR, and are therefore protected by law and international treaties concerning author’s rights, trademarks, patents, models, and industrial designs. Any misuse and partial or full reproduction of these is strictly prohibited, such actions are subject to civil and criminal law and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Any user with access to the website, mobile app, or the information contained by them, fully acknowledges that the SEDETUR, is the owner and/or legitimate licensee. Likewise, registered and general users recognize the SEDETUR, as the developer of the and GuestAssist App concept. With this knowledge in hand users understand that this information and concept are protected by Mexican law and international treaties concerning author’s rights, therefore any reproduction, alteration, exploitation, or misuse of this information or concept is strictly prohibited in Mexico and abroad.

Terms of Service updates

At any given moment, these Terms of Use can be updated. We kindly invite users to frequently check them on our website .